Lifegroup leadership

To lead a LifeGroup, all it takes is ESPN which is Encouraging, Sharing Scripture with others, Praying for others, and helping others to take Next Steps in their relationship with Jesus, and an open heart that is willing to provide an environment for relationships to build. Your favorite hobby or a topic you're passionate about can be a LifeGroup. Here's a few examples of successful LifeGroup:

• Marriage
• Singles
• Young Adults
• Health and Wellness
• Parenting
• Sports
• Cooking
• Financial Literacy
• Coffee Shop Hangouts

Your weekly group time is set by you and can take place in your home, at a park, or even a local cafe. We are currently seeking LifeGroup leaders for our Fall 2022 semester. If you're interested in leading a LifeGroup, or need to go through LifeGroup leadership training, fill out and submit the following form:
Fall LifeGroup Leadership Training Sessions